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Old Town Square


Old Town Square is the heart of the Old Town, which was originally a small settlement with the market on the so-called Jewis island. It covers an area of nearly one hectare and it is a major landmark of historical Prague. Determining building of the square is undoubtedly the Old Town Hall built in Gothic style, which dates from the fourteenth century. The tower is famous for its magnificent astronomical clock, built in 1410.

It is the oldest type of clock in Europe. Crowds of tourists gather in front of the clock every hour to witness the procession of miniature figures. The north of the square is bordered by the 18th century St. Nicholas Church.

Tyn Church, or The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, dominates other side of the Old Town Square. The two spires of this powerful looking, Gothic church with a Baroque interior can be observed from all over Prague. Have you noticed that the left tower is smaller and narrower? Such towers are popularly called Adam and Eve.

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