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The most beautiful gardens in Prague

Prague Castle Gardens (1)

Location: Prague Castle
This is a group of several carefully landscaped gardens and terraces at Prague Castle (five are currently open to the public) and they are completely FREE OF CHARGE to visitors. Each of them has its own entrance and we recommend taking and extra 1-2 hours to explore them when taking a tour of the interior and exterior of Prague Castle. Wonderful cascading terraces and perfectly landscaped paths and trees are complemented with annuals, perennials and statues by the gardeners. Ancient trees and the monumental “Deer Moat” including picturesque views of Prague are certain to literally enchant you. We recommend afternoon to evening for the best photos. Prague Castle is very close to our hotel on Kampa.


Vrtba Garden (2)

Location: Karmelitská 25, Prague 1 – Malá Strana
This garden rightly boasts the title of most important and most beautiful Baroque garden and is located on the slope of Petřín hill. It was established sometime around 1720 as an adjacent garden to the palace of Count Vrtba and has been modified significantly over the course of its existence. Statues by Matyáš Bernard Braun help to complete the integrated romantic feel of the garden with carefully shaped nooks and terraces. The garden underwent complete reconstruction in 1998. Vrtba Garden is open from April until October, there is an entrance fee to pay and you can easily get there from our Hotel Kampa Garden *** in the centre of Prague by tram or a short walk.


Wallenstein Garden (3)

Location: Letenská, Prague 1 - Malá Strana
In terms of size, Wallenstein Garden is the second largest garden in the centre of Prague (14,000 m2), only beaten by Prague Castle Gardens. It is currently part of the Czech Senate and entrance is free from April until October. It was created as an Italian park under the supervision of Albrecht of Wallenstein and has also undergone several major modifications over the course of its existence. It is optically divided into two parts: the sala terrena with a fountain and sculptural group of Venus and Eros including the adjacent stalactite walls and neighbouring aviaries and the second smaller part with a pool, greenhouse and riding hall. The statues in Wallenstein Garden are the work of the Dutch sculptor Adrian de Vries, who also worked in the court of Rudolf II. The entrances are extremely well camouflaged and you can easily miss them. The first is by Malostranská Metro station (a small passageway from the side of the station) and the second is a passageway to access the garden via Wallenstein Palace. The garden is a couple of tram stops from Hotel Kampa Garden *** in Prague. You can also look forward to white and crowned peacocks which are the pride of the garden.


Petřín Gardens (4)

Location: Petřín
Petřín is one of the most popular places in Prague due to its proximity to Prague Castle, the picturesque views over Prague which it offers and also the option of visiting Petřín lookout tower or the maze. You can enhance your stay here by visiting several gardens which are FREE OF CHARGE. The smallest, but one which literally looks like it has come straight out of a fairy tale is Květnice – a perfectly hidden garden which you will find close to the observatory (it has only one entrance). The garden is constantly in bloom and you will feel like you are on a film set there. Another is Rosárium – the Rose Gardens, where you can have a rest on one of the benches and allow yourself to be carried away by the intoxicating scent of the roses. Nebozízek Garden or Kinský Garden (park) with an area of 17 hectares and paths among the greenery including small lakes complemented by statues are well suited for longer walks. If you set out for Petřín and Petřín Gardens from our Hotel Kampa Garden *** from the centre of Prague, you can either walk up to Prague Castle and then to the nearby Petřín or use the funicular railway operated by the public transport company which will carry you up to the top of Petřín. The funicular is 1 tram stop (or 10-15 minutes’ walk) from our hotel.


Ledebour Garden (5)

Location: Wallensteinská 155/12, Prague 1 – Malá Strana
Another of the picturesque, but also historical gardens adjacent to the Prague Castle complex. This is an Italian Baroque garden on the southern slope structured into terraces with a sala terrena, stairway and fountain. The garden in this location dates back all the way to 1665. There is an entrance fee to pay (open from April to October) and it is again a few minutes’ pleasant walk or a couple of tram stops from our Hotel Kampa Garden *** in the centre of Prague.


Prague Botanical Garden (6)

Location: Trója – Prague
Prague Botanical Garden is the ideal place to take a trip, for example in combination with a visit to Prague ZOO, both gardens being located only about 300 m apart. From our Hotel Kampa Garden *** in the centre of Prague, take the Metro to Holešovice station (line C – red line) and then change on the surface to bus number 112 and get out at the “Zoologická zahrada” or “Botanická zahrada Trója” stop. The botanical garden is open all year round and there is an entrance fee to pay which is divided (just like the garden) into 2 zones: The “Fata Morgana” tropical greenhouse on its own and the exteriors including the Japanese Garden. There is a picturesque view of Chateau Trója and the River Vltava from the top of the botanical gardens. More details can be found here:


Letná Park (7)

Location: Letná – Prague
Although not really a garden, we will include this location in our list thanks to its unique nature due to the views of Prague it offers from the hill. Letná is a place literally predestined for long walks and rest in one of the many gardens with lookout points to enjoy some good food and drink. From our Hotel Kampa Garden *** in the centre of Prague 1, we recommend walking to Prague Castle and then continuing on through the adjacent Royal Garden, Chotek Gardens and then over the small bridge to Letná itself. Your trip will be rewarded with some great views of Prague to take pictures of.


Průhonice Park and Chateau  (8)

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